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First Table's Mission 

Inspiring food lovers to discover exceptional new dining experiences

We want to share our love of dining out with you. It’s simple. That’s why our goal is to bring you the best earlybird dining experiences around the world.

With a compelling deal on the food bill, we inspire thousands of people to dine out more often and discover new restaurants. And for restaurant owners we fill those usually empty tables at the beginning of the night, creating an atmosphere right from the start of service. It's a sustainable win-win solution where everybody benefits!

Starting in Queenstown, New Zealand in 2014, First Table now represents 1,200+ premium restaurants all over the world, including New ZealandAustraliaEngland, ScotlandWalesIreland, Indonesia and Canada.

Behind the scenes, we are a passionate team of food-lovers who continue to support and grow our global dining community. It’s our job to make sure you have the best dining experience possible!

We support every restaurant that comes on board. Naturally, we love to shout about how great they are on all our social media channels, and give their businesses an online boost.

From helping diners book the perfect table, to enlarging each restaurant's customer base and bottom line, First Table is proud to be growing the hospitality industry with our innovative platform.