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Book a First Table at our partner restaurants and get 50% off the food bill for two to four people. Talk about the early bird catches the worm!

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Great for diners

First Table is the perfect incentive for diners to eat out at new places. We’re connecting locals to the best hospitality a city has to offer – whether it’s new openings, industry mainstays, or the best-kept secrets. Our early bird incentive gives food lovers a reason to explore more of the menu which they may not have ordered otherwise, and experience the restaurant how the chef would like, a full experience.

Great for diners
Smart for restaurants

Smart for restaurants

We’re all guilty of walking past empty eateries in search of ones with more happy customers inside, but, as is the case for even the most sought-after restaurants, early dining times can be hard to fill. First Table helps combat slow starts to evenings by leveraging an otherwise empty table with a deal on food, and as a result, over 1,400 restaurants are generating incremental revenue from their ‘first tables’.


Everyone wins

It’s a win-win model for diners and restaurants and there’s no surprises at bill time. We’ve created a recipe for success whereby there’s one table available for breakfast, lunch or dinner each day, and it’s first-come, first-served. Needless to say, the largest win for restaurants is when customers who have experienced a half-price deal come back to pay full price, which we see time and time again.

Everyone wins

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Join more than 1,400 restaurants who already ❤ First Table.

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