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First Table promotes its partner restaurants to a large, qualified database of food lovers online, leveraging your least busy table with a special deal on food. You will still get full price on drinks.

Savvy restaurateurs know the value of having diners in their restaurant at the beginning of the night, and First Table is the perfect incentive for diners to try something new while saving money at an early time.

10 reasons to join!

  1. Get those first customers in the door Our research has shown that customers attract customers. It makes sense; a customer eating in your restaurant is an endorsement that your restaurant is good! And it shows you’re open.

  2. It’s free! No commission, no sign-up fee, and there’s no minimum period Apart from offering an earlybird special on your first table of the evening there is no cost to the restaurant.

  3. New customers Over 475,787 diners have registered with First Table over the last 4 years. Seventy five percent of First Table diners indicate it's their first time dining at each restaurant. Treat them to a fantastic time and they'll tell their friends. They'll come back too and they won't always dine at early o'clock!

  4. Customers' contact details The contact details of diners are yours to remarket to, along with their permission to do so.

  5. Offer your first table when you choose You’re free to pick the days and the time you offer your first table. This means you don’t have to discount on weekends if you don’t want to. We'll give you a login so you can block out dates when you're already busy, like Valentine's Day.

  6. Raving reviews The problem with restaurant review websites is that customers tend to only leave a review when they have something to complain about. First Table solves this by actively encouraging and incentivising all First Table diners to leave a review after dining at your restaurant and uses prizes to encourage brilliant feedback.

  7. Facebook Integration Diners are financially incentivized by First Table to share their booking of your restaurant on their own Facebook page with the click of a single button.

  8. You will have access to our database If you’ve got a special on, a new menu, a new chef or any other update that you want everyone to know about, we will send the news out to our customers in your area, for free!

  9. ResDiary integration If you’re using ResDiary for your reservations it couldn’t be easier – First Table is fully integrated for a seamless booking experience.

  10. It’s free marketing and it's super easy Did we mention it’s free? First Table's revenue model is to charge diners, meaning restaurants don't pay a cent to use the platform.
    Also, we know you’re busy, so we do all of the work for you! There’s no setup required on your behalf.

How it works

First Table provides reservations of one table per night (two, three or four people) at your least busy time, on the evenings you choose - four nights/week is the minimum. The deal is consistent for all restaurants - half priced food & full priced drinks. Diners can book each table up to a week in advance and pay First Table €6 to secure the deal. There are no fees for you to pay to First Table. Social media marketing will be done for your restaurant by First Table, and the customer's contact details are immediately available to you, and no one else.

What restaurants are saying

Rachel Rose on why Sasso loves First Table!

Regarding your product, my husband took some persuading from Aiden and I, as he is always wary of the unnecessarily discounting product, hence why he has never subscribed to The Entertainment Book.

What we like about First Table is that you have control over what time and what days guests dine. We have found it a great way to bring life into the courtyard in the late afternoon, encouraging other diners to come in.

Although it is always difficult to gauge the effect on bottom line I believe that First Table has increased Sasso’s profile with local clientele, something that we have found challenging in a crowded and heavily discounted market. Radio advertising had very little effect, but through your channel we can actually see the local diners who have visited via the review process.

I am more than happy for you to use my feedback as a testimonial.

What customers are saying

Matthew Kyhnn

Can't believe we have lived here for 5 years and never eaten at Fishbone. Incredible food and outstanding service. We'll be back!

- dined at Fishbone Bar & Grill on

Hayley Presling

If I had to sum up our dining experience last night in one word, it would be "Wow"! But as I am allowed a few more words I shall expand on that. From the moment we were greeted and shown to our table, our experience at Tasting room was fabulous. The staff were friendly, courteous, and efficient. We were never left sitting around in an awkward silence waiting for a menu or for our dishes to be cleared. It was all done quickly ad politely. The food itself was delicious. It came quickly once it was ordered, and was certainly tasty, presented well and left you wanting more. We both ordered the Beef Wellington and were not disappointed. Cook perfectly to our individual tastes it really was a beautiful meal. The restaurant itself was clean, warm and vibrant and we really enjoyed being here. So much so that before we realised we'd been sitting there for over an hour and a half! Thank you Tasting Room. First Table is a great idea as we had never been to your restaurant before but had always wanted to try it. This prompted us to finally take the plunge and come along, and we are so pleased that we did. We will definitely be back, and we'll be bringing friends to share it with next time. Thanks again :-)

- dined at The Tasting Room on

Kathryn Bolton

Had an amazing meal. Did not even know the place existed till we saw it on First Table and were happily surprised at how awesome the place was. Food was delicious thoroughly recommend the Plates menu list, we had the Fried Chicken, Fried Green Tomatoes, Cheese Rolls and 12 hour Angus Steak. Was plenty to share between two but still had room to share a delicious alcoholic Milkshake to share as a dessert.
Definitely planning on coming back for dinner and drinks with friends!

- dined at Boo Radley's Food & Liquor on

Mary White

Lovely food, efficient, professional service, great ambience. Will certainly visit again soon. Thanks First Table for helping me find The Polo Bar + Restaurant

- dined at The Polo Bar & Restaurant on

Our dining experience at Cullens was amazing. The service was prompt and friendly and our waitress was extremely informed in regards to the menu. The food was to die for and the complimentary bread rolls went down a treat. I definitely think we will be returning to Cullens even if we don't use first table!

- dined at Cullens on

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